1.Be respectful with all members

Be respectful to others , no death threats, sexism, hate speech, racism (NO N WORD, this includes soft N) No doxxing, swatting, witch hunting 2. No Advertising Includes DM Advertising. we do not allow advertising here of any kind. 3.No spamming in text or VC
Do not spam messages, soundboards, voice changers, or earrape in any channel 4.Don't ask us to back your items if a friend scammed you, don't share your items with anyone. WE WILL NOT INTERFERE.

5.Protect your information and never share your username or password with anyone

7.Boting at uniques area 24/7 is not allowed, you can move your bots to the unique spot once he appear only. We Have Added New Rule For OpenMarket
  1. Do Not Sell Silk example If We sell it for 10$ You have to sell it limited for 8$ up to 10$ if you want if you sell for less then 8$ You will be banned
  2. Selling items Allowed
3 You can sell everything for real money and any price you want but not the silk limited for -10% of the website price's Reminds We do not give back items if someone scammerd you while buying items
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